Galwaniczne nakładanie
powłok cynkowych

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We have been on the galvanization service market since 1995. From the very beginning we have been dealing with services consisting of putting galvanic zinc layers on products made from iron and non-iron metals. We are also performing the deoxidation and chroming processes of products made from copper and its alloys, and we are etching the products from iron metals.

The details are subjected to the galvanic processing in the racks system in accordance with the norms: PN-EN 12329; FIAT 9.57405; DIN 50961 or client’s WTO. Thanks to the System of Managing the Quality based on PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 and the skilled personnel with a several dozen years of work experience in scope of placing zinc layers, we can guarantee the high quality of our services.

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Why us?We focus on quality

We are performing the layers in accordance with the norms requirements: PN-EN 12329; FIAT 9.57405; DIN 50961 or client’s WTO (technical conditions of acceptance).


Our company uses the enova system